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Women's Public Service Project at Wellesley

My alma mater, Wellesley College, in partnership with the U.S. State Department and the nation’s leading women’s colleges, hosted the inaugural Women in Public Service Institute, June 11 through June 22, 2012. The Institute was a first-of-its-kind, two-week program that trained the next generation of women leaders, and was  part of a global project to get world leadership from 17.5% female to “50% by 2050.” The delegates attending the Institute were selected from 21 nations in the process of political and social transformation, including countries that are drafting new Constitutions and undergoing major reform. 

I had the privilege of being at the college for opening day of the Institute and hearing Wellesley graduates Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright speak to the important role of women's leadership around the globe.  It was a thrilling experience and one that made me feel proud of my college --- and my gender!   I truly believe that women hold the keys to the world's future.

For more information on the Institute, go to

Welcome to GoldBuzz

Welcome to GoldBuzz, the new blog brought to you by The Gold Standard!
We may be new to blogging, but we’ll draw on our experience in the communications field to try to make our posts lively and interesting to you, dear Reader. Our aim is to bring you valuable info that you can put to good use in marketing your business.
You know, communications used to be all about column inches in the print media and exposure on the air waves. Now it’s all about “buzz.”
Our job is to make sure our clients’ target audiences are buzzing about them! We build buzz --- awareness, interest, excitement and word-of-mouth advertising --- using every technique at our disposal in today’s media-rich world.
PR is the fulcrum point of today’s web-based marketing. Instead of pitching a story angle to journalists and hoping they may find it newsworthy, PR pros are publishing directly to prospects and consumers via the Internet.
The “buzz” we build is the excitement of creating direct communication that builds community, the one-on-one experience of attracting potential buyers, reaching out and pulling them in, getting them involved by providing the information they are looking for and encouraging them to spread the good word.
Here at The Gold Standard, we are buzzing about the communications challenges and opportunities presented by Internet marketing. It’s not all we do, by any means, but it is fast becoming central to our practice as a full-service marketing communications firm.
In future posts, we’ll be sharing ideas and real-life marketing experiences with you. We’re excited by all there is to learn --- and just when we thought we knew it all!

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